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Empowering Planet Positive Tech Companies

If you are a startup, investor, or large enterprise looking for help building your company, going through an evaluation of an investment (DD), or need an outside team to help boost the innovation journey of a new product. We are available and happy to discuss this.


We are a team of founders helping you to save time & money

We are a team of founders helping you to save time & money


Entrepreneurs who care 

Experts in their field, creative, go-getters, diverse team players with an International mindset

Entrepreneurs who care   Experts in their field, creative, go-getters, diverse team players with an International mindset

We offer a range of services for specific groups in tech with a planet positive impact


  • Help to create a fast-growth strategy toward investor readiness

  • Make interim key senior professionals available to fill in the gaps

  • Enter new markets like the US and EU


  • Bring in an outside perspective to accelerate technology innovation and business development

  • Assist in providing highly experienced interim professionals


  • Perform due diligence bringing in years of experience in specific tech and market intelligence

  • Guide investment rounds, and have access to high potential startups and founders


  • Continue where the incubator or accelerator ended

  • Help startups continue their fast growth journey with a tailor-made strategy and programming.



NeXuma is a premier destination for technology consultancy service 

At NeXuma™, we specialize in ten key segments of the tech market, covering a wide spectrum from green energy to medical innovation, semiconductors to ocean technology, and beyond. Our expertise spans across these diverse fields, thanks to the extensive experience gained by our team of experts.

With a dedicated focus on addressing climate change, we are uniquely positioned to support technology companies committed to combating environmental challenges. Our approach enables us to collaborate with a wide array of tech companies, contributing to their growth and development while driving positive change in the fight against climate change.

NeXuma is a premier destination for technology consultancy service
Being an early-stage tech startup, finding the right guidance is crucial for success. From the very start of our collaboration, Alexander has played a pivotal role in providing insights that have been absolutely vital.
Thanks to the unwavering support from Alexander and the Nexuma team, we've not only identified but filled the gaps in our go-to-market strategy. Their expertise has been a game-changer in navigating the complexities of our journey.
What sets Alexander's team apart is their ability to connect us with the right resources. This has been instrumental in reaching critical milestones that seemed daunting at the beginning. We're genuinely looking forward to achieving more milestones together in the continued spirit of collaboration."

Alp Cilingir

CEO & Founder

Simone Cardarelli

CEO at MicroAlign

“Elena from Nexuma has helped MicroAlign to immediately better structure our marketing strategy, with a clear sequence of steps and goals to be achieved.

Together with her remarkable focus, thorough planning, and methodic progress tracking, Elena also brought into the company a precious human-level perspective.

She has clearly enriched our thinking,  introducing a business method much more centered on the persons and the deeply understanding of their motivation and ambitions.

I feel lucky that our paths have crossed each other, and I warmly suggest other companies get a taste of Elena’s energy if they need support.”

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